T here are so many amazing things in this life we take for granted and memories are one of them.  Simple things like touch, that feeling when your dad gives you the tightest bear hug or when your mum squeezes your hand when she knows your nervous even though you didn’t tell her.  I guess that’s why I love photographs so much, they teleport me back to another time.  This is what I want to give back to my clients, I want you to breathe them in and remember those moments.

My world is made up of my partner David who I also run a wedding photography business with called Tandem Photo.  We have a little girl called Rosie who is a whirlwind of energy and fun.  Our journey to parenthood was a long one but she was more than worth the wait.  She’s made me slow down and appreciate the little things in life and the people in it.  Leaving home at 17 to study photography has led me to many beautiful places but it’s the people I’ve met along the way and the connections I’ve witnessed that makes me love my job as much as I do. It’s my passion and as cheesy as it sounds it’s who I am.





Dr Seuss

If you have a spare couple of minutes press the play button below and have a glimpse of our lives since Rosie entered our world and turned it upside down for the better, sleep is over rated anyway!  David and I have been on many adventures around the world together but it’s our future journeys as a family that excite me the most.

Everyone tells you how fast they grow up and you don’t believe them, not when you have your little bundle in your arms.  Some days my memory fails me and I find it so hard to remember her as a tiny baby, I’m so grateful to have these images to look back on.  Don’t wait to get your own gorgeous images taken of you and your littles, do it NOW.  Let me help you remember those days, they’ll thank you for it in the future.  

Get your hands on my brochure HERE and let’s chat about how I can help you capture those moments and get some beautiful art on your walls.