Hospital bag essentials

THREE Things you didn’t know you needed for your hospital bag


The most exciting time in your life is about to happen and you want to be prepared, here are my top hospital bag essentials

So you’ve read every pregnancy magazine and baby book you could get your hands on and you think you’re all set but you still have this nagging suspicion that you’ve forgotten something.   Here are my top three must haves in any hospital bag that might be overlooked.  I’m not listing all your obvious things like spare knickers, pads etc. but I’ll link to a definitive lists at the bottom of this blog just incase you need a good checklist for the basics.


  • White noise baby app and meditation app

It’s great to have your white noise app installed on your phone before baby arrives because this can be a life saver for yourself in a busy ward.  I found this invaluable when I was being induced.  Your shared ward can be really noisy with other mums at different stages of labour and when you want to get some much needed shut eye.  I found this helped me drift off to sleep while drowning out the surrounding sounds.

There are so many to choose from in the App Store. I love Sound Sleeper and always recommend it to my clients at their newborn session.  There’s loads of different settings to choose from, when Rosie was unsettled we slept with mountain river for the first few months after she was born.

Likewise having a good meditation app will also help you no end.  The breathing techniques that I learned from the lovely Elaine at Yoga Bellies was such a great help.  I highly recommend joining one of these classes if you have one in your area.

I wish I had also tapped into learning more about meditation when I was pregnant.   My friend highly recommends the GentleBirth Pregnancy App for a tailored experience that helps with mediation, mindfulness and breathing.  Meditation can help relieve pain and boosts endorphins while reducing stress so well worth trying out.  DON’T FORGET TO PACK YOUR HEADPHONES OR EARPODS!


  • Essentail Oils

This is another area I wish I had known more about.  Using essential oils during pregnancy and labour can have amazing benefits.  Helping you to relax and stay calm.

Hospital Bag Essentials


Listed below are some of the essential oils that are safe to use during pregnancy.

  • ROSE

A carrier oil must be used as dilution is key such as

  • jojoba
  • coconut
  • sweet almond

If you want to use other oils that aren’t on this list please do your own research on what is safe to use.  Here are some useful links for best practices on how to use. The Baby Centre & Healthline have great articles.


  • Flip flops and Mini Fan in Summer and Bed Socks and Cosy Cardigan in Winter

Self-care in the first few hours of having given birth goes straight out the window so it’s best to be prepared.  Depending on what time of year you give birth these essentials can be a life saver.

If you suffer from cold feet like me soft bed socks are a must.  You might have your new fabulous slippers sitting next to the bed but they are no use to you if you are in bed for any length of time if you’ve had a spinal or epidural.

Like wise having your favourite cosy cardigan can just give you that little boost when you’re feeling tired and all emotional while cradling your little one.

If you’re giving birth in summer a mini handheld fan was another top choice.  Flip flops are great for both summer and winter as they come in handy in shared shower facilities.

I hope my TOP THREE hospital bag essentials have been useful and if you have any golden nuggets to share please let me know.

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For all other Hospital Bag Essentials here is one of the most informative lists out there on the NCT website.